Awaiting change – and no snakes!

It’s almost midnight (kind of) in the UK and that means one thing: the end of the 16th of May for us. No one knows when the whacking update will be over but by any means it is much anticipated. I’ve had people directed to this site about the end of whacking day and so on – however I must redirect them to the Simpsons tapped out tips page! This blog has it all, literally. Every single question you could ever have about this app will be answered there I can guarantee it. The link has been given at the end of this post.

The posts I do here are in no way attempting to shadow those of the blog page mentioned. Mine are simple reviews and general posts regarding all sorts – including of course the Simpsons Tapped out.

Back to it then; with any hope many, many happy players will either be waking up to or just being notified of a big update to end those snakes for good. It’s just a matter of time now.

TSTO tips blog page

Speak soon.


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