A change of name – ‘rebranding’

The time has come for the name of this blog page to change. It’s been too long in fact. Therefore I’ve decided the change of name will coincide with the time of a set theme and topic for this blog. Somewhere along the lines of ‘the raving lawyer’ or something.

Of course this will be set for a blog dedicated entirely to giving others an insight as to what the journey is like in becoming a lawyer – or anything specialised as well, for that matter. I will explain the feelings and struggles along with the good and bad points in being a law student at GCSE, A-Level, degree and soon to be law school for the masters and legal practise course. That will eventually arrive and (hopefully) will follow on from the other chronicled events.

Any suggestions will be welcome and I will respond to all. Remember this is a change to help others who need those answers that aren’t from someone who doesn’t know how they feel, just so they can have one place to get all of their information that they need. I can guarantee that many will want this as I know when I wanted questions answered I was required to scout the Internet page after page until the bits added up and somewhat answered my questions.

Naturally with this name change and topic set being put into place the theme and layout will need to change too. This means a whole new look for ‘onlysi91’ again. A little spruce up is always healthy, right? Not to worry – the random reviews and observations will still be making an appearance!

Bye for now.


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