Life’s like a box of chocolates…

Do you take it as it is?. Really why do so many disagree with the ways of others? Why is it not a unanimous decision on how people should live their own lives? Does everyone have a ‘purpose’? Do we need evil to counter the good? Does this balance need to exist?

I believe so.

The bad is sometimes what shapes us, what builds us and what helps us. It assists the progression of an individuals mindset and emotions. It triggers strength and will. People must fall in order to learn how to rise. If nothing was to ever go wrong, what could we ever perceive as right? Surely an opposing side must exist to create boundaries and distinguishing features of the good.

What if right is in fact wrong? No one knows if anything anyone does is right, it’s only by barriers and derivative meanings that we see things as right or wrong. Isn’t it? There’s never a right or wrong answer. It’s all about perception – what of optimists, pessimists, pacifists or even extremists? To name but a few, that is.

The point is nothing is really ever as it seems. That’s because you don’t see anything as it seems so long as you look in depth. See options around obstacles, solutions to problems, resolutions to disputes and happiness in sadness. Find alternative routes when yours has closed or altered. Life isn’t like a box of chocolates unless you make it that way – after all, those chocolates are all set as to what they are and they will all be gone one way or another. It all depends on how you enjoy them.

“Nothing but self doubt and a lack of confidence can hold you back from your dreams“ – onlysi91



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