Is coursework better than exams?

Having a look through my stats earlier on today I noticed someone had come to my sight after typing in ‘is coursework better than exams?’. This had made me think – which is better really?.

Let’s begin with coursework. The one thing that many, many people leave until the very last minute physically possible. Sure you have time to do these pesky pieces of writing and plenty of time to research, but really does it help? There’s no real pressure, is there? Until the deadline is just round the corner many don’t really feel compelled to do it beforehand. Is it good to have ‘freedom’ to research and plan? Or does it make you feel ‘lazy’ and become to prioritise your time to other things? Personally I don’t like coursework as I tend to do it straight away and concentrate on everything else after.

What about exams? I like exams for one reason: pressure. Pressure to do well and to actually know your stuff as opposed to reading it up and including it in to your coursework piece. Plus the time limit of exams that force you to find every piece of information within your head to write down and apply helps.

I suppose it depends on your learning style and so on. What do you prefer?

Bye for now.


5 thoughts on “Is coursework better than exams?

  1. Immediately, exams came to mind as my answer, but then I remembered how much I loathe classes that base the final grade on exams alone because I depend on my coursework to float so much of my grade. It’s truly a Catch-22.

    1. Fair point, again it does depend on how well everyone learns and how well they either retain or apply the information they have to both coursework and exams. I’ve never been too good with coursework as I prefer working under the pressure of exams! Strange I know…

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