Whacking ‘day’ is becoming whacking ‘week’

Aside from the obvious fact that whacking day has in fact been a month long event it would seem that now EA can’t bring themselves to end it. Or is it a question of player satisfaction? As I said in yesterday’s post people are still logging on to find their Springfield’s become a Pets at home style snake fest. Why is this? How long must we whack these snakes before they get the hint and go? More specifically, Is EA listening to those having trouble gaining the whacking day prizes and therefore extending the event for this sole purpose?

Uncertainty and miscommunication seem to be key factors in people’s play times on the Simpsons Tapped out at the moment. Whilst many have simply given up, many others have already obtained those pesky prizes and have began throwing eggs (free range of course) into other people’s towns to assist the resolution of their dilemma. Of course the egg joke is a little out of context here but perhaps I’m simply putting a little uncertainty on my post to try and connect with the bewildered players who read it.

I understand many may not feel as strongly as I do in terms of when this whacking day event will be whacked out itself but one thing I do know for certain is this: EA needs to not go from one extreme to another and find balance. For instance, many argued that the previous themed updates were too easy and quick to complete (as did I) and this update seemed to be extremely difficult for those with limited time to log in.

When will it end? Is this new update (level 29) that was released yesterday just a way to tide us over until something unexpected and big? I sure hope so. Skinners household won’t keep me satisfied for long, neither will a few cobbled walls and an entrance. Am I being too demanding as a player? Perhaps it’s just the general reception of fans of the Simpsons who just ‘can’t get enough’. When does ‘enough’ become ‘too much’? It’s all a matter of your own perspective on this, agree or disagree it’s just a waiting game now either for more content or a little decor to keep us going.

What do you think?

See you soon.


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