Tapped out update! Whacking day isn’t over just yet…

Simpsons tapped out has been updated again! It’s May 10th and, rather unfortunately, the whacking day event isn’t yet over. When will it be? I’m unsure, EA seems to be unsure after a previous ‘confirmation’ it would be over by yesterday. So, what’s new? For one prepare to see bounds of snakes roaming your streets still until EA decides it’s time up. Personally I’ve already decided it’s time up for me hitting snakes – after 7,100 being smacked I thought it’s a tad unfair, and tedious.

Here’s a few screenshots then of what I have found as new content in my menus:

Here’s what (finally) everyone has perhaps wanted. That’s right, a home for principal skinner and his mum has arrived too! Yet another character to keep control of and another change in scenery for those repetitive streets in our towns. Personally I want more variation in the houses, like different colours at least or the homes of the characters we have so far like this has added. Also in this picture you can note an open air stage which sounds pretty cool, shame it’s another premium though. Thanks, EA. The final one which I’m saving those hard earned free donuts for is the Sprawl mart, which looks rather snazzy to add in somewhere. What’s it all for? I’m sure we will find out after skinner and Luigi have finished their initial tasks.

For the more decorative and meticulous of Springfield builders (like moi) here’s a groovy looking edge for those green parks some of us have chose to add in. A nice entrance and a wall to fit neatly around the edge to capture the realism of, well, a park. I like it, it’s not too overly priced and also looks nice to add in as opposed to those pesky bushes placed relentlessly down the town edge. Nothing else new in the decor department however.

So what else? Not much, as it seems. Apart from another singular level up which has been done by practically everyone already due to the huge mounds of experience built up between the last level up and this one. Now I’m level 29 and Fat Tony even decided to chuck a donut my way much like a good boy treat for still playing the game. Appreciate it, Tony. Overall however I’m rather content with this update and would like to see more realistic touches being given to us to make our town more individual and unique to those others have done. Still waiting on that shore line to open up though, EA. That’s where I’ll be thoroughly hooked.

What do you think?

Bye for now.


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