Back to work

Tonight I am back to work, from 10 until 6 tomorrow morning. After two nice weeks off it does feel a tad strange. Of course those two weeks were primarily filled with revision and exams so they weren’t really two ‘real’ weeks off as such. However, I do feel rather lost now that I don’t have to revise or prepare for exams. What to do?

Today was a lazy day, well, up until about 5 hours ago. This was the point it was decided that me and my girlfriend would tidy out my room. It’s been a while and, as always, stuff begins to build up to the point that opening a door to a cupboard becomes a 50/50 chance of injury. The fun thing was finding all of the old stuff from school and so on, a little ‘blast from the past’. This did take up quite a bit of time but overall my room feels a lot less crowded and more room has opened up for storage.

So, my question now is what am I to do the rest of the days? If I’m not at work and not out, what do I do? I have found that I can’t have lazy days as I get too bored and choose to do something random. Tomorrow I’m up at about 11 after finishing at 6 but I will probably be sorting out a few random things to keep me occupied until the evening. It doesn’t help that the weather is a bit unpredictable and quite gloomy either. I’ve said I would do more hours of work but I don’t want to drown in work time – a balance must be kept!

Anyway, I’m just looking forward to the holidays and scattered events I have planned.



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