A short chat

Today has been a rather productive day. The whole garden has been cut, cleared and weeded. My room has been hoovered, tidied and sorted out. I’ve finally had a shave and done a bit of paperwork that’s been waiting too. The house has had a bit of a tidy too, for that matter. My dads car was cleaned and polished, old rubbish was taken care of and other little things have been done as well. So, why the title of this post? More specifically, what was this ‘chat’ about?

It was about not only the finishing of my degree, but also the beginning of the next step in this journey too. Over this summer I need to save up quite a lot of money to try and diminish as far as possible the possibility of a big loan later on in the year. This requires many hours of work, probably night shifts. It helps that today I had a text saying we were all getting a nice pay rise in June too! It is all worrying stuff but after a chat and a long think about it all in detail, it seems more straight forward than my worries have projected it to be. Very good day indeed.

A short post then just to say that if you’re worried or doubting anything regarding your next steps or general path, have a sit down and a talk with someone properly – it might help. Have an in depth conversation about everything and really analyse your next move. Sometimes an individuals mind will veer off the track when it’s just a late night think about everything at once in the broadest of views. Things become mixed, details are overlooked and emotions tend to heighten. It helps when it’s a family member who supports you in your path, like my parents for instance. Sometimes an interest taken is a weight lifted, I think.

Bye for now.


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