The beginning of the journey diary

As you may have read previously, I have decided to cut all of the unnecessary and somewhat burdening extra social sites connected to this blog and to concentrate purely on the main aim of what was intended by it. It’s a blog to help others as much as possible, be that answering any worries or questions they may have but don’t know how to ask them or just giving an insider view on what it’s like in the journey to become a lawyer. As I’ve also said before my background is not one of pretty daisy’s and greener fields, much like many I would assume. I have not `had it easy`, nor have I had anything `given to me so easily` – struggle has been a major part in this dream chaser that’s for sure. 

I begin then with an introduction as to how this can be achieved through the use of a blog page. I intend to try and write one post a day still in keeping with the epic challenge I have taken on to post once every day for the entire year at least and also to post once a day on the experience I learn in daily progression. This will be either a small quote or piece of information I have read that day, or even a post to explain how I feel with special regard to trying to get to where I wish to be. It can include anything I’ve done or achieved that particular day that may help or progress my journey. Anything

The next to address is when this will begin. Next Thursday I have my very last exam to finish off my degree. After that will be the start of this diary type posting, so it’s only logical to start it perhaps on the Monday which follows. That way it’s the beginning of the days after my degree is over and will include graduation day too! That’s not until July though so it’s relatively far off, I must say. Therefore this challenge will become two posts a day at least, but both may be on completely different topics or even the same or similar, for that matter.

Finally then I suppose why is another question to consider. As I said above, I want this blog to be a hub of information and help for those either in the same position as me, just starting out or even thinking of embarking on a long journey to where they wish to be in a few years time – or more. I intend to have anything and everything answered through the posts, including worries, wonders, questions, specific queries or thoughts of anything related. These answers will all come from how I feel at the time, what I think and also my next moves I am planning to take. All from the eyes of a (near) graduate who has studied 7 years of law and will be starting the final two challenges in September too – the LLM and LPC. It will also serve as a platform for anyone to ask anything and I will try and answer as best I can, that way it’s not someone trying to answer stuff they haven’t experienced. 

Feel free to comment, like, follow or share this blog to try and help me expand to a bigger audience. It’s all very much appreciated so far! Over 900 followers, nearly 19,000 views and almost 800 likes on the posts – all have been noticed and all I am very thankful for. 

Bye for now. 


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