The Facebook page has gone…

Yes the third connected social networking site to this blog has gone. This follows the deletion of the Youtube channel and the Google+ profile recently done too. I hardly ever use this Facebook page as my blog is connected to my main profile and well, there’s where all the post notifications go.

The page is pretty much neglected, left empty until one day I decide to post something or even advertise for any improvements to the blog page or perhaps even a blog post. If someone wants to ‘like’ the page they have to sign in, which I understand will put people off. Instead people either follow this blog page directly or like/comment on the posts themselves. This I prefer anyway.

So that’s it, all I have is this blog as the central component on my goal to help others who are in the same position as me and the Twitter and Facebook accounts connected to it. That’s enough for me, I think. From the date of my final exam I will be posting a daily diary style post aimed at inspiring others or answering any questions and worries others may have. I’ll also look at improving the look and feel of the page soon too.

The little adventures into Google+, Youtube and the ownership of a Facebook page have been interesting and I probably will end up posting on each one – much like an analysis post, if you will. It’s all good in the long run, it was worth the try and certainly helped anyway. There’s no point never trying anything, is there?

Ciao for now.


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