Level 30 update: Simpsons tapped out

The level 30 update has arrived and I didn't even realise until I logged in about 5 minutes ago! Rather annoyingly this update isn't the one we've all really been waiting for but nonetheless it is an update. So what's new? First things first; yet another instantaneous level up for those at the already highest … Continue reading Level 30 update: Simpsons tapped out


Back on the first page…

After much time has passed where a post has gone to the further pages of Google I have finally returned to a front page post! The last 6 or so to hit this target were posts about the Simpsons Tapped out and that was a while ago. The Valentines update was the main post to … Continue reading Back on the first page…

Short web search

Today I was curious to see how my site came across to the viewers and traffic. Therefore I decided I would search Google for the name of my blog (sad I know) and see what came up. This was purely for the basis of research and SEO analysis of my page, I must stress that. … Continue reading Short web search

iPhone 6 wish list

As we have heard some rather scattered things about iOS 7 and the possibilities coming with it I thought it would be necessary to have a little thought about the iPhone 6. What will it look like? What would it feel like both to use and to hold? Better yet - will anything become the … Continue reading iPhone 6 wish list

iOS 7 – game changer?

Interestingly the news of iOS 7 being announced and waited upon doesn't seem to be filling the Internet as much as it normally does with a new release from Apple. This could be because of the early nature of said news or the lack of the information accompanying it. Or perhaps it is fair to … Continue reading iOS 7 – game changer?