The first exam is here!?

Ahhhh! Tomorrow is my first exam, quite frankly, I’m mixed about it. I’ve revised constantly and have kept repetitively going over everything. By which I do mean, everything. Every day, plus some nights have been just revising in my head constantly or writing it all from memory on countless bits of paper, iPhone notes and so on. It’s all been in preparation for tomorrow. Of course I have another exam next Friday but one at a time, aye?

As I said, I’m worried but confident. I’m scared yet prepared. I can continue explaining how mixed and quite strange I feel, the contradictory emotions are too much to even distinguish in words. It’s all over the place, would be the best description. As with any exam period my mind goes on all tracks and procrastination doesn’t help. Or does it?

When we revise, it is often odd to try and establish a certain revision tactic and to refine it to the most effective way for our individual capabilities. After you have this in place it becomes somewhat peculiar when other things take your mind off of the task ahead. When you procrastinate sometimes you feel guilty or annoyed that you have even been so ‘careless’ to take your mind off of the exam. I think it’s good to do it every now and then! Constant revision with no breaks whatsoever can’t be good for taking information in, especially for me anyway. I like to do bits of revision at a time, then break. It’s the most effective way for me I think. It’s just another thing to add into the mix of finding the best way to be fully prepared for any exam – I’ll do a proper post on this in detail soon. I’ve done one before but it wasn’t an in depth analysis of how everyone can revise and how to find that certain balance between effective revision and pure time wasting.

What do you think? Is a bit of side track thinking good when revising?

Bye for now.


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