Slight tidy up

As my previous two posts have suggested, I have been having a tidy up recently with regards to social networking sites and the such. Two have already been deleted and the third should be gone soon today, aside from this I have also decided to tidy up and improve this page. Perhaps another new theme as was suggested by a few readers that the font is sometimes too small to read – it’s not helpful that this can’t be changed on this particular theme either. Trust me, your helpful criticism has been taken into account and will be implemented soon. Now it feels better not to have to juggle between different networking sites and putting in different details for each, I can concentrate on just the normal ones more.

So, I’ve also decided to tidy up my laptop which means uninstalling programs and other useless stuff I never use anymore. Updating those pesky updates that have been waiting every time I load this up and scouring through old files deleting the ones that I don’t need. Further to this, I have sorted all of my folders out and now, funnily enough, stuff is easier to find! How strange. My emails have had a good sort out too from all the old emails that have somehow slipped through the delete fest gaps. 

It’s always good to do this every now and then, especially when the old stuff begins to clog up the room you have. I like to be very organised, especially with paperwork and so on. All of my various paperwork are currently in their own little folders and neatly sat in a tall bookcase! It’s far better than having to clamber through piles of paper to locate that one, seemingly lost piece of paperwork you require. Just a little update and a random post, I’ve also noticed a few new followers and a few more views today so thanks! 

See you soon. 


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