Channeling a theme

Little play on words there, as you may come to notice. I was wondering about what the general theme or overall topic should be for my Youtube channel. At the moment it is rather obviously a channel for art work and videos of my drawings being made. However I was tempted ever so slightly to begin a video session on the lines of a `how-to` video. These videos would become a short tutorial on how I personally draw Roses (as that’s the main thing I do) and also other various flowers. Of course it could include other, non-flowery stuff too but that’s another thing altogether. 

What do you think then? After studying many of the `how-to` videos already on the web I did originally decide that it’s already been fully covered. Then again, I did think that each video, by each individual, was different and showed differing techniques on how to draw the particular drawing they were doing. More specifically, I thought that each person has their own rather unique way and others may be able to use that to help them develop their own technique and style too from the videos. This had me definitely thinking about trying to break into this already well covered area and would also give a wider range of video ideas for the channel too. 

I shall be finished my degree fully very, very soon so will be able to concentrate on drawing and relax by drawing as well. After all, these exam periods become incredibly stressful and I need something to help me unwind once they are over with. Be that practicing the guitar or drawing random things it all helps in the end. 

Feel free to take a look at my Youtube channel (Onlysi91) and have a browse of the four videos that have been posted so far. Whilst I was thinking about this post the fifth video has already started being put together, after this video the better ones will be coming. Think of the first five as a debut to Youtube. 

Bye for now. 


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