Youtube – dare I expand?

As some may have remembered from a while back (the regular readers on here that is) I was contemplating creating a Google+ account and after much thought, I ended up doing so. So far that’s gone rather well and I currently have a customized profile complete with information and well, advertising for my blog page. As it stands now I have a Facebook account and also a Facebook page, Twitter, WordPress and Google+. Is that too many accounts? Not long ago I went around deleting accounts I never used anymore such as Myspace and Deviantart just to try and tidy up my social networking a bit.

Little do many people know I used to have a Youtube account a few years back, but really all it consisted of were videos of me and a few mates having a laugh on various Xbox games and doing stupid stuff on them to record! The good times, aye? Anyway that’s long been deleted but I was tempted recently to revive the idea of having an active Youtube account. This time around it won’t be for games or fun on the console, instead I was thinking of doing the old `sped up drawing recording` after doing one or two and actually liking the end product. A bit of music to go with it and hey presto, it actually looks rather cool to watch the drawing come to life. As opposed to just posting the photos of my art work on Facebook and here occasionally  I thought it would be cool to allow people to see it coming to life and watching how it goes from being a few lines into the finished product. The video of my first rose sketch has been posted at the bottom of this post for you to watch if you wish. As it was on Facebook I had removed the music to accompany it so it’s 5 minutes of just a drawing. However it’s now on my Youtube channel with the music just for added effect. Watch if you will, comment if you like and enjoy!


Bye for now.


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