The death of the book ages

A thought I had recently when thinking of how the younger generations are actually taught now is that libraries and books are fast becoming an old fad. Something we’ve already had which won’t be as important in the lives of the younger generations as they were with us. Of course I’m only 21 but whilst in school we were taught of the importance of books and how to read to enjoy them or to find facts and information from them. Now it is a common instruction to the younger ones to just `Google it` and write it down. What good is this? 

I don’t agree with how the kids are taught nowadays. Clearly I would agree that they do need to be computer literate in this technologically advanced world but to what extent must we tell them to effectively depend on the technology they have at their disposal? Should there be a better balance of book based research and computer based work than there currently is? To read from the internet and copy it onto paper isn’t allowing the information to sink in and therefore doesn’t allow the individual to comprehend what it actually means. Similarly what’s the point in telling them how to write yet by the age of 4 they are learning various other languages? Shouldn’t they ensure they understand their native tongue first? Even much of the homework given is computer based and printed off to hand in – where are the handwriting skills or spelling challenges? It’s all done on Word or wherever and spell checked automatically for them, leaving them lost when the teacher asks what a word is or how to spell it. I’m certain not many 7 year old kids realise that using the word `superfluous ` or `ridiculed` in an adapted Google found nursery rhyme simply wont pass as their own work.

Where’s the writing challenges? Maths questions to keep practicing or English skills to be furthered by reading from a book not a screen. When they hit the bigger school and are handed a big hard back book to research from tears will probably fall from their eyes as they stagger around trying to Google this phenomenon that has landed within their grasp. Of course it depends on the individual and their parents but my point is where is the balance of basic every day skills and advanced computer adaptation to the evolving world for these kids? I hear 8 year old groups walk past talking of Facebook and Twitter whilst clutching a Blackberry phone in their hand! Who are they ringing anyway? Noddy? I’m unsure.

Just my view, feel free to agree or disagree but know that some points are exaggerated and therefore subject to being hyperbole’s for the sake of emphasizing my points. Why not Freshly press me so more can join this debate? Cheeky…

Bye for now.


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