I like a challenge…

I like a good challenge, even more so when it’s constrained by time or other factors. A good challenge is just what might help you gain confidence, improve on a few things or even become more capable of dealing with surprises which would otherwise knock you back when they present themselves. After all, if life were a straight sailing trip would anyone be any wiser than they are?

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it” – Moliere. 

Even the smallest challenge can still help you gain more awareness, confidence or just slight personal improvement but the bigger challenges are what really helps an individual both mentally and perhaps subsequently physically as well. I’m not suggesting that everyone waits for a challenge to occur, I’m suggesting people take opportunities and take challenges and risks. Not dangerous risks of course, but ones which maybe aren’t the easiest route and will almost definitely cause an obstacle or two to arise. Take these obstacles and challenges head on, find a way around them or a way to eliminate them from hindering your pathway – don’t give up when something seemingly impossible gets in your way. 

Just a short post to further enhance my previously made post of taking opportunities when they come along, or even more so, seeking out those possibilities in the first case. 

Bye for now.


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