One of those nights…

It’s another one of those night shifts tonight, luckily only one of two this weekend too. After being 4 minutes late for the first time ever my supervisor decides to play a prank. A prank on a tired and stressed employee that is. So he calls me into the office and pretends to be serious about a conversation, only to lumber a small refresher quiz in front of me and laugh. Thanks.

I suppose it did lighten my mood anyway for the night ahead. So, after one hour how far am I? I’ve done nearly everything because I’m just too darn quick. I did remember I had to post today for those who were worried I weren’t. I’m sure that’s a lot. The good thing is it’s a relaxing night with just the normal duties to fulfil.

I have already spoken to the supervisor and mentioned a time slot for some late night/early morning revision to take place as I’m determined to get as much in as I possibly can. Of course this is determined on whether the work gets done in an ample time frame as I’m not one to leave stuff undone on my shift. Tiredness, boredom and stress all rolled up in a night shift – sounds fun right?

I’ll post again later to update on how it’s going, but by then most will be in their comfy beds I suspect so in the morning beware of the post! Not the mailman, that is.

Bye for now.


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