Whacking day in the Simpsons Tapped out!

Finally the new update has been released for the Simpsons Tapped out! It’s part of the Thursday update and therefore doesn’t have much to show just yet, so don’t get too excited as my title may have you be. As people may have seen, this is a rather big update and therefore requires players to get it from the App Store – if it hasn’t presented itself as a number 1 on the icon, load it up and look inside. It doesn’t take too long to download, but neither has any of the other updates.

So what is it? So far, not much. That’s the short and simple answer really. However, few things can be noticed; such as new characters, an initial quest for Homer and Lisa and a donut confirmation notice! As it states in the update description though many new buildings have been added, new characters and new tasks too. As it stands, no one really knows what these are in detail until tomorrow I would suspect. The first tasks are 24 hour ones so get cracking on setting those up! I have screenshots of the new stuff I located within my game below for you to check out. Until tomorrow however, it’s very vague.

Interesting huh?

It’s looking good so far…

This next one is rather cool;

There we have it, not to mention the other little tweaks which probably have arrived with this update such as hiding characters in move mode, watching cutscenes again and a few others. There are probably ‘behind the scenes’ improvements though, but still let’s hope this update is as big of a surprise as EA had promised earlier this week. More will be revealed soon.

Check out TSTO tips for more info.

Bye for now.


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