Behind the quote

Lately as I’ve said before my days have become a constant repetitiveness of revision and refinement. If you were to read my very short post from yesterday you may recall a quote I decided to put into the flow of WordPress. After it was a statement that the quote had it’s reasons. I believe now I will explain it. 

Every so often, even the most determined and motivated of individuals falls from the tracks, so to speak. Fatigue becomes inevitable, tiredness and boredom soon creep in too, many times there doesn’t seem to be anything that person can do to prevent it either. Busy days, hectic timetables and pressing deadlines all add up alongside stressful work situations, moments of panic or madness and even irritating factors such as the inability to sleep sufficiently in the night time. Once all of this builds up, it is not long until the individual is hit by it all much like a brick in the eye. 

Why does it happen? Many who are motivated and determined beyond belief tend to push themselves to the ultimate edges and barriers of their very capabilities. As I have distinctly stated many times previously, I prefer to do just this. The problem is however is that one day, every so often, it all catches up to me and takes its toll. Sometimes it does so more harshly and mercilessly than other times. Others tend to merely become run down slowly by each event and each factor of personal breakage. Either way, it happens. Everyone hits tough times, bad days and testing scenarios. 

The important thing is really the recovery, not the predetermined strength to resist this from happening. As the quote suggests no individual is strong enough or determined enough to never fall down, yet some are arguably more capable of getting back up more effectively. Essentially my point is to say that sometimes you must expect a fall to be able to be prepared sufficiently to recover immediately. One way or another, we all must fall at some point to learn how to deal with getting ourselves back up again. 

Ciao for now. 



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