Springfield falls – a decent decoration

Earlier on today I posted about the latest update for the Simpsons Tapped out, including the Thursday surprise, Swanky fish and possibilities too. However, I missed out which is possibly the best free decoration we have ever been given by EA. That’s right, I’ve ranked it this way for a few reasons.

The first reason is simple; it’s free – which is a surprise for something as good as this. Second? It’s free. Third? It’s free. I joke, or course. The real reason is simple; this particular decoration adds a certain something to the budding Springfield’s we have all created. It doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, it doesn’t look like it shouldn’t have been placed. It just fits, really. It’s relatively big, but it doesn’t shroud the surroundings it sits in.

My personal favourite of this is that I have recently began `construction` of my 8th island, which so far has cost a tidy $300,000. It consists of the most expensive green tall tree filling it’s landscape and houses spread with fenced gardens. The Springfield falls will be sitting among these to further enhance the woodland feel I’m going for. I just need to purchase some more land to finish off this island. First however I just need to finish the second part of the quest to unlock it. That shouldn’t take long.

I’m still hoping that some more good looking decorations and cool shops/houses are added in the upcoming update, my land is almost all purchased and I need to fill any further islands I decide on. So far I have 8 islands; a small brown house & farm style area with some reindeer, a huge residential area with four streets of housing, space for the nuclear power plant & parking, my commercial central island, a `rich man` island with white houses & fountains, an island for the prison, a smaller island with greens and bushes alongside the town hall & Buddhist temple and finally my newer woodland style island with houses and trees. Plus a space waiting for Springfield falls of course. So what other ideas for islands can I have? I still have a nice amount of land left to unlock, so I’m not strapped for space.

What layout do you have for your Springfield?

Bye for now.


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