A short one I done when I was bored and thinking at work last night. For those who daydream their greatest wishes but struggle to find the push to get them. Sometimes people feel stuck and their motivation is drained, it’s here they should remind themselves of exactly what they want.

So I sit here in this night time,
Im so tired I lost my sight it’s fine,
And my patience is now but a tight line,
Don’t know what’s the left or the right kind,
It’s like for now I stand on the legs toward the hind,
Any more energy within me I desperately struggle to find,
My eyes closing – body wanting to unwind,
So begins this dream of an existence,
A daydream freshly manifesting right in this instance,
Looking for success and smelling this aromatic incense,
Getting a taste for it – your motivation’s now soaring,
Determined to determine a future course to be,
Nobody knows what tomorrow will even bring,
Who knows even if the birds will still sing,
So take each day as a progressive stepping stone,
Progress until life starts to hum that perfect tone,
It’s then when you awake and place into position the necessary provisions to fulfil this dream,
You feel more awake it would now seem,
A clearer sense of being has arisen,
Withhold this success for which you envision,
Push forward until no more can you go,
It’s only here you find the final calling of the show.

See you soon.


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