‘From past to present’

Seeing as I decided to return to drawing to have a break and relax I thought I’d also post a poem I have worked on recently too. It’s for people who have a background or regrets which they feel hinder their current decisions and still continue to affect them. A simple message to take it as it was and move on, to continue pushing for whatever you want, no matter what it is. Enjoy.

I still feel anger I still feel pain,
From events of years ago why must they remain?
Pray tell am I insane?
These thoughts creep in like tip toes to my brain,
Long lost memories worse left retained,
It’s like to my life these are the multiple bane,
Do I feel like I’m on a pedestal?
Not at all,
Not in these moments of sadness,
It’s just plain madness,
Thoughts creeping in like a mad fist,
How do we overcome?
How do we conquer?
Regrets are but sour memories,
Forget them and move on like a bridge over these seas,
Create your own life don’t follow the powers that be,
Push yourself to the limit pursue those dreams,
Make your boundaries seem but mere shadows,
See what you want and push at those,
A simple message to remember is this,
Life is what you make of it not what you’re made from it.

Speak soon.


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