When’s the next Simpsons Tapped out update?

Lately I must admit I have not been logging into my Springfield as much as I normally do. It’s not because I’m bored of it, it’s just that there isn’t a real reason to keep at it as much as normal. Recently I have been spending all the money on rearranging my town and also buying up all of the land – so far I have only a little corner left to get. 

Currently my town has around 7 different ‘islands’. The latest additions being my $500,000 island for white houses and expensive trees, plus a fountain or two with some nice benches. This has been dubbed the `rich man island`. Another little development I recently carried out was my $20,000 central park style remake in the center of my business area. Not to mention the currently half finished $200,000 island being created at the bottom specifically for my town hall and the such. When enough land has been uncovered I will purchase the million dollar items and place them there as a `fun island`.

Until then, it’s merely a deal of signing in, collecting the torrents of money and income then setting my characters on tasks for more. So, when’s the next update? More importantly, when’s the next load of content to be added which takes up a tiny bit more time to obtain? As of late the small updates have been over far too quickly, so as players we need something big soon. There was no Easter update, only a few little additions. 

However, I have read of a possible `wacking day` event as in the series. This is supposedly a rather big update with much content to keep us busy – for a while at least. I sure hope these rumours are true. The good thing at the moment is that I am slowly saving up the free donuts to purchase the premium items for a more varied look to my Springfield and to increase my income further. I haven’t got millions rolling in, but it doesn’t take long to save up a fair amount. 

What do you all think? Are you anticipating a big update or just being satisfied with the little content updates being released? Also, what are you doing with your money when nothing is to be done? 

Speak soon. 


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