Finding Dory!

Okay so the time has come where more information has been announced about the sequel to Finding Nemo and if I’m honest, I’m excited. I know I am 21 years old but as a previous post said, Finding Nemo is possibly my favourite film – therefore it’s only natural to be excited about the next one. In a way, I was worried about the sequel somewhat ruining the name of Nemo but when I saw that it was to be called Finding Dory my worries quickly disappeared.

My reasoning? Well, let’s all be honest that Dory was quite possibly the best character in Finding Nemo. Dory had the most laughs, the most fans and pretty much anyone who talks about Finding Nemo ending in funny quotes will give a much loved Dory quote. She was the most memorable character and a unique one at that. Thus giving the assumption that a film based around her will be amazing.

So long as the style of humour from the first film is retained I feel that Finding Dory will be a great success and quite possibly will move into my short list of successful sequels. Normally, sequels are just a chance for more money for directors but when it has taken this long to declare the next film is about Dory you can only assume that a lot of attention to the fans of the first film has been given. It would seem that the opinions from Finding Nemo have been considered and the best possible outcome has been the result. Everyone wanted to see more of Dory in Finding Nemo, but I suppose we was supposed to be caring for Nemo more than a whale talking little Blue fish with an ironic short term memory loss condition.

Many questions arose from Dory’s rather abrupt introduction, such as why was she swimming alone in that particular part of the ocean? Also, I wanted to know where she was originally from and how she has survived this long given the severity of her memory loss without a partner with her. Has she been endlessly swimming around all of her life? It’s all small stuff but personally I can’t wait to hear the hilarity of the background story to Dory!

Like I said, it’s pretty much my childhood film and I am now awaiting it’s arrival not only to the cinema but also to DVD.

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Ciao for now.


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