Where would we be?

The posts lately have been very obscure, short and rather off topic as to what I want this blog to be. Recently I have been revising and I have just had my first exam - all went well. However, it made me think where would we be if we put in as much effort as … Continue reading Where would we be?


Out the park…

Quick post just to let everyone who reads this know that the first exam today went rather well! That's land law over and done with, I officially never have to bother with land law again. Quite possibly it was the hardest and the most stressful module I've ever had to endure. The next exam is … Continue reading Out the park…

The first exam is here!?

Ahhhh! Tomorrow is my first exam, quite frankly, I'm mixed about it. I've revised constantly and have kept repetitively going over everything. By which I do mean, everything. Every day, plus some nights have been just revising in my head constantly or writing it all from memory on countless bits of paper, iPhone notes and … Continue reading The first exam is here!?

The weekend away is over!

I'm back from a little weekend getaway to Brighton, and it was great. Such relaxation to not worry about work or anything and also to be in unfamiliar surroundings near the sea. The place we stayed was literally 2 or 3 minutes walk to the sea front and the weather (thankfully) held up rather well … Continue reading The weekend away is over!

Weekend break

Today I'm off to Brighton with my girlfriend to do some shopping, relaxing and some sightseeing too. It's an early trip so I'll post this now and hopefully one later on tonight. I'll be back late Sunday evening and will probably post one then. I have an exam Tuesday and it's also my girlfriends 21st … Continue reading Weekend break