One month

Tomorrow will mark the time when it’s just 30 days until the day of my land law exam. It’s 2 and a half hours long and it’s 3 big questions – not too bad, right? Just 9 days or so after that I have a second exam on equity and trusts. Joys.

The joys then is that my days up to the 30th are filled with revision and constantly reading over stuff I already read before. I don’t mind as it was clear before I began studying law that this would be the exam time fun. However it always crosses my mind as to how much is enough? Can you ever feel like you have done enough work? Or is there a point whereby one is ‘satisfied’ as to how much they have done?

Personally I feel the first choice, no matter how many hours I pour away on revision I still feel like perhaps I have overlooked something – no matter how trivial that may be. After all, preparation is key, isn’t it? I wonder if you can reach a point of overly preparing and in fact causing unnecessary stress to yourself.

The answer, as always, would probably be ‘it depends on the person’. As I have previously posted on, various different revision tactics are adopted by many different people depending on how well you work. Some are far more effective than others but not for everyone. It must be the same with revision in general. Once you feel like you can’t cram any more in, perhaps that’s when many stop and are confident. Others may feel like it’s always worth using every piece of space to revise and revise. Whether it’s a small detail or something huge it depends on the personal opinion of the person, not the capabilities as such.

How do you revise? Also, how much do you feel is ‘enough’?

Speak soon.


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