A horse walks into a bar…

…and the bar man says: “why the long face?”. Today, this probably wouldn’t happen. Judging by the general mannerisms and reactions many give the response would probably now be “why aren’t you in my beef lasagne?” or something. That’s right, a late horse joke.

Anyway, I’ve noticed a huge change in the way people act and react out in public. Manners are a thing of the past for many, whilst some still understand and grasp this ancient concept of public norm. Those strange people. Why do we have people who chose not to speak a single word when being served by a sales assistant? Are you a mime? I’m uncertain as to what your profession is.

Why am I saying this? Courtesy on the roads is almost as common as an untaxed life element, manners are soon to be taken from the dictionary in favour of ‘shut aaaaappp!’ or ‘whatevs’ and general public standards are going to be so low a mouse could probably use it as a bar for high jump.

Where’s it all gone? I’ve spoken about this before and placed it down to this: people are in a rush and therefore have no time for anyone, anything or even themselves. Do they care how they come across? Some act as though they are a bull in a china shop, just without the scary stuff.

Rant over, for now. I leave with one simple Jerry springer style final thought: think about how you act to others, after all what you give is what you deserve.

Bye for now.


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