Why must we fall?

Anyone who knows this saying will have already had the answer echo through their mind: “so we can learn to pick ourselves up again”. This is probably one of the only phrases which I would fully agree with whenever it has been used. Why the post about it then? Anything which happens can have a profound effect on other areas of life, you may not think this to be true but underneath it is. 

Any underlying problem is often overlooked by most, by many they feel fine and they feel as if they can happily continue without any worries. I should know, I believed that the car crash last November had no real effect on me – but it did. Turns out I actually had unknown tissue damage caused by the jolt of the car, and also a long lasting effect of anxiousness and hesitation when approaching any t-junction thereafter. I thought I was fine, but it does bite back after a while.

The reason for my post then is to explain that when you do fall, pick yourself up and don’t simply brush yourself off or bottle it up – let it all out there and then. Withholding things isn’t the best idea and certainly won’t benefit you, no matter how much you think it will. Fall down and learn from it. It’s why we fall, isn’t it? 

Bye for now. 


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