‘Do you?’

A different style post today! I’m sure you’re excited. Today I felt like doing a question and answer style post to try something new, I saw a similar style post on the reader and it caught my interest. It’s a bunch of ‘do you’ questions and also some answers to try and spark a little interaction. Let’s begin;

  • Do you do your own washing/ironing/cleaning? Surprisingly, I do all of this stuff myself. I have done this for a while now and to be honest it makes me feel more grown up in a sense – it’s also surprisingly satisfying once done too.
  • Do you cook your own food? This is a must do for me, after all if you cook it you can enjoy it more. Everyone has their own cooking style and mine is a ‘clean as you go’ approach so nothing huge is left to clear up after your satisfying dinner!
  • Do you work the hardest you can? I’m very hard working, I like to push and to achieve. It’s just who I am, no matter what job I’m doing I like to make sure it’s done right. Everyone has those days where they feel ‘lazy’, it’s natural but I try to keep these down to a minimum and even then they don’t last very long!
  • Do you put presentation as high priority? This is a tricky one. I like to try and look at least presentable as much as possible but I’m not ridiculously addicted to trying to look perfect. I think presentation is key, as it helps others to understand a bit more about you in a way. Besides, I’m a tad self conscious but it doesn’t really affect me as such.
  • Do you prefer to relax or to be busy? This is a pretty obvious one, I would prefer to be busy as I feel guilty if I sit around doing nothing for too long. I do enjoy a lazy day every so often, but this is only when I really need it. Holidays are always an exception!

There’s five random questions based on the ‘Do you?’ approach, I may expand my blogging by doing a few of these with different style questions. Perhaps even more questions per post, it might help to understand how I am or who I am for that matter. A new category will also be added called ‘Question time’ and other posts may be ‘What do you think?’, ‘Your favourite?’, ‘What if?’ and so on – a few fun ones, a few serious! Might as well, aye?



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