A brief look back

Phew this is a close post, nearly completely ruining my post a day 2013 challenge! Don’t worry though because I’ll use this opportunity to take a little look at a minor detail I noticed whilst searching the stats page of my blog.

As you may already have seen or read for that matter – my views for this page have almost hit 15,000. That, to me, is a lot and quite frankly it makes me appreciative of those who view it. It’s not been this high for long however, for those avid followers of this blog you may recall a post from January – three months ago – that was entitled 2,000 views!

For three months that means that 13,000 more views have been piled on top and now shows 858 followers too. I’d like to thank those who read and those who follow, again. I do this regularly but to know you have an audience of interesting or intrigued readers helps to write and subsequently achieve this mammoth challenge set before me.

Now considering my page has only been up for around 7 months now this isn’t bad, is it? No advertising as such, just plain writing and waiting. Patience. I like it, if I’m honest. This blogging malarkey isn’t too bad once you get the ball rolling!

Anyway, short post as I said.

Ciao for now.


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