Level 27 and other things!

It’s finally here! Again EA has released a few new things and for once, I’m actually rather happy with it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to begin building the new stuff as my characters are all on 12 hour jobs until tonight but I do have screenshots.

First up, the new buildings – and characters seeing as they come with a building. As you can see below, the new Buddhist temple has been added after a week or so of rumours and speculation after Lisa had a mysterious task appear not too long ago. You can also see a new building, which doesn’t spring to mind from the series actually but nonetheless it’s cool, right? These are pretty pricey buildings but I suppose in a way it deals with the huge levels of money people have nothing else to spend it on. Alongside this it appears as though Lenny and carl are characters with the temple which is what everyone has wanted for a while – and quite surprising too. Here they are:

What else then? Well, there’s a new premium item that’s been added! This is called mount carlmore and costs 120 donuts. It’s not a necessity but it still looks rather cool if you have the space and the money to buy these donuts freely. It may look good next to the other mountains that are currently available too. As promised, here it is:

That’s the big stuff then, but – as we all have anticipated – level 27 has been added. This of course isn’t very worth while as I’ve instantly ranked up and nearly hit the bonus level already – as yo I’m sure this is the case with many others too. Why can’t EA add more than one level at a time? If you find the answer please comment below.

Are you happy with the content added? Or disappointed? This update really is ‘the norm’ and is nothing more or nothing less than what we expected, in truth, it’s just ‘another update’. I’m still saving for the million dollar items!

Speak soon.


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