Journey woes – day 4

Upkeep and expenses

It’s getting to the nitty gritty now, after having told you of the challenges, expectations, experience and general study of law it’s time to think outside the box. Literally, in a sense. Just a short post today.

What am I referring to? Studying law isn’t cheap, this is a very well known fact. Unless you’re wealthy or extremely rich you will have to find a way to finance your studying. Universities do offer grants and loans which helps, but what about other stuff? I have a car, and have had a car since 18 – plus a monthly phone contract and now rent. Not to mention various events and general travelling I do. This is what I refer to.

What to do then? Well, it’s always handy to have a part time job on the side. Not only could it help your confidence like mine has but it also gives extra income to help. If you haven’t got much to pay for then this won’t be a problem. For those like me, it will be.

So a part time job doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. I do just 16-24 hours per week and mostly these are night shifts too. The reason is purely it gives me extra days to study and revise as oppose to working during the day. My advice is to chose something that suits not only your timetable but also your lifestyle. Don’t use up too much time working if you can help it – as this may have an effect on your studying. Even 16 hours is ample.

On a side note; it doesn’t matter where or what you do for part time work. Don’t try and have high expectations on getting a huge impressive job part time – that waits until after! I’ve worked in two jobs which are pretty much ‘legal absent’. The current job only has various laws involved in day to day business but even so my point is as follows: work around your studying, don’t study around your work.

Bye for now.


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