Journey woes – day 2

Grades and progression?

Now you know what to expect and what you need to do to overcome any challenge – you must understand the prerequisites for studying law.

Many people think to study law one would require high grades and an impressive grade base, this however isn’t always the case. Like me, for instance, I don’t have amazing grades. The only thing is I had a B in both GCSE and A-level for law and used this to push forward. University isn’t always difficult, as I said in day 1 of this series. It all depends on how you deal with things, genuinely this is the only real answer to anyone aiming to study law.

To progress in law you need more confidence and determination than grades, to an extent. Make contacts and try to progress by studying hard and making sure everything has been covered with a fine toothed comb. Before you start university – or any level of study – ensure you have done some extent of background reading and getting ‘the basics’ so you don’t end up in the deep end. So to speak.

Before starting university I read a bit on the modules I would be doing. Make sure you get the necessary books and extensive reading too. It’s always good to know the surrounding issues of what you’re studying so be sure to take notice of the news and world issues. I’m not saying watch news 24/7 or anything – just keep an ear out.

Finally, don’t worry too much about an exact route of your aspiring career. You may, or will change our mind throughout your course and this will change your method of progression anyway. Find a few routes and find out what most interests you through your course. For me I thought I would get involved in human rights, but now I’m more interested in contract law. It changes, it happens.

So, make sure you work hard but at the same time don’t get pushed back too hard if you don’t quite achieve the best grade possible. Use it as a push to do even better next time or to motivate you to alter your route if necessary.

Worry but not in a negative way, just use it to keep on your toes and to not lose site of what it is you want.

Speak soon.


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