Journey woes – day 1

The workload and time keeping

Don’t be mistaken by thinking that studying law is always going to be stressful and very time pressing. At points it is, I’ll admit that. Don’t let this put you off though – whatever level you are currently studying at. To say it’s different for everyone would be the best way to put it.

So long as you have very good timekeeping and a strong mindset to stay on top of the work given then you will be fine. Granted it’s a lot of reading and revising dates, cases and statute but again – give it enough time and you won’t struggle. Depending on how you work and how well you can take in a heap of information it shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. Of course you can’t really just sit back and ‘enjoy the ride’ when studying law as I’m sure many would agree.

Where to begin then? You’ve been given 16 huge books thicker than the door frame and a whole page or two of a monstrous scenario to solve. Don’t dive in randomly hoping for the best – analyse, plan and work through it step by step. In most cases of law it’s really just a matter of following steps and trying not to forget them. Not only that – you need to be able to effectively apply what is necessary to the question, not waffle on about other parts of the law for some extra points. It won’t happen. Take your time, but be precise about how this time is spent.

It does get more difficult to take in but the same applies, time keeping and concentration on only what is relevant will get you through it. At times I’ve struggled, sometimes more than other times. However, using any sort of struggle or push back as a positive energy to push through will help a lot. Don’t let any bad grades or slightly irrelevant answers sprawled with comments keep you down.

What I should really say then is this: expect a lot of work, expect struggle and expect stress. On the other hand, expect more interest in the subject as you begin to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of law and also to expect surprises in certain topics. After all, studying law is both rewarding and challenging – it’s how you tackle it which matters the most. Read my previous post on inspiration to see exactly how I deal with stress and obstacles in life, hopefully it will help those who are nervous of this daunting prospect of studying law. Or any goal they are aiming for that is. [I want to inspire]

The above is applicable to most things if I’m honest. Just as a note any career or path you chose will have problems and will require quick thinking and strategic planning to some extent. Expect it and it won’t catch you off guard – if it does, think and react appropriately.

Speak soon.


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