Varying versions of songs – which is the best?

I know, it’s a bit of an odd title. Sometimes I can think of one to go well with the topic of the post, other times it’s a bit more difficult to do. As I write this post I am also revising some very interesting land law topics and laws too. Of course this can’t be done without some soothing music playing in my ear to help it all go down well. I thought I’d share a thought with you regarding this very thing.

Song writers (the good ones) always have songs which seem to stick in your head throughout the whole day and you can’t bring yourself to stop humming its very addictive tune. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does for most people. So what happens firstly when another decides to take this much loved song and remix it? Thus starting a huge chain of remixes, remixes of remixes and remixes of these remixes too. It’s incredibly frustrating, isn’t it? 

However, altering the tune to a popular song is not always a bad thing and certainly doesn’t necessarily create an annoying tune which has now completely disposed of your previous love for the original version. Who am I referring to in particular? My favourite artist of course – Ed Sheeran. This guy is pure genius, if ever I feel annoyed or down I chuck on an album and relax. Even if I just fancy relaxing and mellowing out it’s mostly Ed that goes on. Like now, for instance. 

Let’s explain more; Ed has had many great songs such as A-Team, Drunk & Small Bump. What happens however when you let him loose in The Live lounge with his guitar, loop pedal and chosen microphone and recorder? Amazement happens – that’s the only answer. If you haven’t already check out his songs done in The Live lounge and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. It’s just unreal to see what he can do in these situations. His lyrics change a bit and new ones are added which makes the song even better. Now I have two versions of The city & You need me, I don’t need you

It doesn’t stop there though, oh no. Check out some of his covers of other popular songs and see how his spin on them recreates them in such a way that it sounds like his own. In particular check out Swim Good, Empire state of mind & Be my Husband – there are among the best recreations of great songs. 

So there it is, remixes of songs which ruin them are not good for the listeners and indeed fans. Recreations & Covers do sometimes become amazing themselves and actually are a joy to listen. Like I said, right now I’m listening to all of the Ed Sheeran songs I have including some of the above mentioned covers too – and I love it. 

Do you think songs are sometimes remixed too many times or do you think one remix is normally enough anyway?

See you soon.  


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