Putting a face to the name

It’s about that time when my blog is updated and some changes are to be made too. The `about me` page has been updated with newer information and also a picture of me has been included so you can finally put a face to the name when you’re reading any posts. I thought it was only fair, of course my avatar has the picture but that’s not often seen.

So, what else will change? Not much in any significant way – don’t worry. I am becoming bored of the dull background colour and am therefore working on putting in place a better background with a pattern or something cool. The widgets may change places, prioritizing the most important ones at the top and the less needed toward the bottom. As suggested by another blogger the header picture will be shrunk a bit so it’s not so much of a trip to the posts – arguably the most important part!

That’s it really, take a look at the `about me` page and comment below too if you think of any possible improvements. Constructive criticism is always welcome so long as it helps. A little thanks is in order too for the latest followers, comments and the latest likes to my recent posts. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.

Ciao for now.


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