What theme is the right theme?

In the 7 months or so I’ve had this blog I have constantly been looking to improve on the visual aspects of it. Where will the widgets go? What widgets to include? Which theme is the best one for my style of blog? The annoying thing is, none of these questions can stay answered or resolved as improvements constantly need to be done. This is just a little post to help those in the same situation.

So where to start? Well, I suppose it depends on the style of blogging you want to do and also the overall theme or topic to your posts. My blog page is varied in topics, including reviews and all sorts therefore my theme needs to accommodate this in the best possible way. The themes offered on WordPress suit all types of blog. There are certain themes especially for each style such as restaurant sites, business sites and personal sites. As I said, it all depends on what you’re blogging about. It may take a while and a lot of searching but after a good search you will find one you like – I think I managed to change my theme about 5 times in one week not so long ago. The current theme I have (‘misty lake’) I think suits all of the posts I do and also shows everything as it should be.

Now a theme has been chosen, what about widgets and layout? Well the layout is only allowed by certain themes as some offer more customisation than others but like I said, search and you will find one you like. The widgets are somewhat easier to pick from however. Again there are a lot on offer but this helps those who have different interests and so on to personalise their blog page as much as they wish. The widgets on my sidebar probably won’t be the same as many others, which is good for most people to avoid repetitiveness when searching other people’s blogs. This really is just a question of what you need, where you need it and how you want to display it. That’s all.

What else then? Recently I linked my blog to Facebook and Twitter, which also allowed it to be displayed on the topics pages of WordPress more efficiently (apparently) and therefore create more traffic. I hope anyway. Should you link them? I’d say yes, in my very short experience of doing so I’ve noticed some marginal difference already – link it to all of your other social networking sites if you have more than the two mentioned. A Facebook ‘fan page’ might also help engage people and draw people to your blog from Facebook users too so this is recommended as well. Mine hasn’t been created for long but it helps connect them all more easily and efficiently.

There we have it, a few little words on the basics really of a blog page. You may also find my ‘blogging as a beginner‘ post helpful too so take a look if you’re a beginner or just want some tips from someone who hasn’t been blogging for years.

Hope this helps!

See you soon.


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