My work space

A little while ago I decided it was time to completely transform my room to make it easier to work in and to study in. This really did require a lot of work. Before it was dark, gloomy and not very personalized too. The furnishings were dated and marked and the room was a mess really. 

Although it did take nearly two weeks to complete, there are a few little things which still require a bit of work. My built in wardrobe for instance needs to be repaired and painted as the door has since fallen from the hinge and currently hangs on for dear life when open. The carpet looks outdated and out of place given the overall look and feel to the room and I have many photos which are still in need of hanging up. 

So, where to begin? As I said, the furniture was old and ruined with marks and chips – so it was to be removed and replaced. Everything was pulled out of the room until it was completely empty and then the change begins. The walls and detailing were painted and left to dry whilst in between new furnishings were looked up. This didn’t take long as I had been planning it for a while beforehand. 

Next was the layout; the room is rather big and spacious, with a built in wardrobe toward the door. After much consideration I had finalised an idea and began to buy the new furnishings. The floor was then fully cleaned and everything else was made spotless before the new furniture was moved in. The walls are now a duck egg colour – it’s rather inexpensive and gives the room a bigger feeling. The floor is a creamy colour and the wooden furniture is a beach effect. Alongside the wall are four glass tinted black cabinets. That’s the basics done. 

A big double bed with white and black covering sits in the corner facing the 42″ gloss black television on the far wall. This stands on top of a cupboard with black gloss doors too, with a `floating shelf` above to enclose it a bit. I have a small three shelf bookcase to the left of the bed, with a desk sporting a black gloss door next to the bed in the corner. On top of that is a nice corner piece glass fish tank with black edges and a tall bookshelf sits next to the window in the opposite corner. 

The little details such as a stereo with two speakers are neatly placed around the room, and a wooden handmade door covers the wardrobe giving a beach effect all around. The only thing left to do is to put in my spotlight and repair said door – perhaps I will get new curtains too. 

What’s the point then? Well, before all of my law work and books/documents/paperwork were everywhere with no easy way of locating what I needed in less than a week of looking. Therefore since this change took place I have properly filed everything and it is all where it needs to be – not to mention it has helped with my concentration whilst studying and what not. 

My point really is as follows; if you take care in where you study then chances are your attitude and concentration will improve and it will help a lot. It’s also much nicer to enjoy your space. 

Do you have a set study area? If so, what’s it like? 

Speak soon.


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