A little treat…

A little while ago I wrote a post called ‘6 strings glistening’ on the 26th December of last year [2012] which promised a finished version of an Ed Sheeran song played by me on my acoustic guitar for the end of January. Clearly this didn’t happen and whilst that still is in the pipeline – it’s a little late. Back in January the views to my blog stood at a mere 1,500 or so, but now they have nearly hit 12,000. This is very humbling to state. So thanks.

Anyway, as a little fun treat for hitting this 12,000 views mark, I have decided to perhaps put up a cover of one of Ed Sheerans songs off of his plus (+) album. Now, this is a bit of fun and it is also a cover which I done for my girlfriend as a little surprise. However, I haven’t managed to fully learn one of his songs on guitar as I have been busy with uni and various other things. One of those is working on a cool little guitar sequence which I’m still adding to. So the cover is literally a cover of the singing, not the guitar sections. Very upsetting, I know.

Like I said, it’s a cover and it will be the first time anyone has heard me sing properly – apart from my girlfriend of course as it was originally done for her. I’ve always liked Ed’s music and have all of his albums (so far) so would say I’m a huge fan of his. The reason I started learning the guitar was because of Ed and his music too. It’s something about acoustic guitars which really makes me enjoy the music it makes – believe it or not the new Justin Bieber acoustic album isn’t too bad either! My ultimate goal is to become a decent guitar player but not for professional levels or anything – that’s not my aim in life surprisingly.

What do you think then? It’s all a bit of fun, right? Perhaps I will, perhaps I won’t post it up – like or comment below and it may happen! After all, I did promise it.

Ciao for now.


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