Saving for the Popsicle skyscraper!

Everyone knows the Simpsons Tapped out becomes somewhat repetitive and maybe a tad boring in between updates due to the easiness of obtaining the very little content they release each time. So, what do we waste or use our money on? People let it build high and end up with huge amounts of money – but others decide to buy ridiculous levels of the same building type. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, I was playing the Simpsons just yesterday and whilst visiting friends I saw someone with the Popsicle skyscraper! It looks much better than it does in Google screenshots, I assure you. I didn’t think it would look too good and may end up shrouding much of the scenery behind it, but it doesn’t do it too much. For a hefty $2million it also looks cool to just have in your Springfield, I’ll admit. That’s my new mission then! After days of buying pointless areas of empty land for the hefty prices they become, I decided to try and save up for this massive building.

Clearly, everyone knows it doesn’t actually do anything but raise your vanity meter. Do we need it to do anything though? I mean, it’s not like it’s part of a quest and therefore compulsory to buy to progress, is it? It’s optional for those who fancy getting it, that’s all. Personally I want it to just add some different decor to my growing town which is now practically a city, if I’m honest.

Where does that leave us then? Well, $2million out of pocket but a cool looking stacked set of Popsicle sticks towering over our well earned town. I think that’s enough of a justification for anyone willing to save for it. I think the escalator to nowhere can wait until after – just for the sake of completion.

My only question – will we get the giant magnifying glass or the monorail? Just two other things that Springfield has embarked on. What about Burns’ sun blocker? I know it’s a bit random but I’m sure it would be welcomed by the players struggling to properly fill their huge empty land plots, right?

So far I have $100,000 so I’m getting there. I’ll update when I have it! Hopefully it’s not too long to wait.

Bye for now.


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