Taylor swift and the goat show!

The latest craze to hit the web has me hooked. That’s right, I’ll admit that for once I actually enjoy a random craze on the web. Before you wonder, it’s not the Harlem Shake, nor is it the Gangnam style. Instead, as you can guess from the title (hopefully) it’s the newest sensation in singing! The, erm, goat. Yep, a goat has me all in chuckles and quite frankly I find it hilarious.

At first I thought ‘what on earth is this?’ – the first video being Taylor Swift’s popular track being invaded by a goat screaming much like a human would falling down a steep set of steps. However strange it may be, I find it funny – and interesting of course. Why do they scream like that? It all seems a tad random, don’t you think? Anyway, I love it. For those who love it too, here’s the link to the video on Youtube for the Taylor Swift – goat screamer collaboration:

Taylor swift with a goat!

Anyway, this began as a little link strapped to my Facebook news feed, of which I felt compelled to watch. Of course it became rather addictive and I showed everyone I could. However, then – as with everything – it started going wild and before you know it, every song and singer soon was bei paired up with this infamous screaming goat. Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi, Usher, Adele and the list goes on, and on. Some aren’t as good as others, clearly. The best ones (personally) are the Bon Jovi – livin’ on a prayer goat collaboration and the Taylor Swift – knew you ‘were a goat’. The Usher – scream goat version isn’t as good and to me looks like a desperate attempt to absolutely rinse the fun from it. As with all good things, I suppose.

The original white goat seen in the picture above is just unbeatable, the other little goat in the Bin Jovi video is still funny to hear – but just misses that certain laughable feature about it, I think. Te only thing which ruins this original clip is people who ‘remix’ it or cut and edit it to suit various different songs. It’s nothing like the original scream and takes away all of the coolness to it.

I find this screaming goat fun hilarious, but fear it will be cut short by overplaying and overusing the footage for stuff which doesn’t work as well. All good things must come to an end I suppose, but for those who want to see all of the above mentioned videos the links to them are listed below. Have fun!

Bon Jovi – livin’ on a goats hair
Usher – scream to your seat Mr goat
Adele – rolling with the goats
Justin Bieber – baby goat

These are all fun, to an extent. Which one do you think works best? Comment below!

Bye for now.


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