One month

Tomorrow will mark the time when it's just 30 days until the day of my land law exam. It's 2 and a half hours long and it's 3 big questions - not too bad, right? Just 9 days or so after that I have a second exam on equity and trusts. Joys. The joys then … Continue reading One month


A horse walks into a bar…

...and the bar man says: "why the long face?". Today, this probably wouldn't happen. Judging by the general mannerisms and reactions many give the response would probably now be "why aren't you in my beef lasagne?" or something. That's right, a late horse joke. Anyway, I've noticed a huge change in the way people act … Continue reading A horse walks into a bar…

‘Your favourite…?’

Here we go, a bit more of a personal question time post to add to the newly created category. This one, as you can guess, is on my favourite things out of random and general everyday stuff. I suppose it's a pretty standard post really and thought I've left it too long to add onto … Continue reading ‘Your favourite…?’

Why must we fall?

Anyone who knows this saying will have already had the answer echo through their mind: "so we can learn to pick ourselves up again". This is probably one of the only phrases which I would fully agree with whenever it has been used. Why the post about it then? Anything which happens can have a profound effect … Continue reading Why must we fall?

‘Do you?’

A different style post today! I'm sure you're excited. Today I felt like doing a question and answer style post to try something new, I saw a similar style post on the reader and it caught my interest. It's a bunch of 'do you' questions and also some answers to try and spark a little … Continue reading ‘Do you?’