Blogging as a beginner – hints and tips

Seeing as I haven’t done on of these `top tip` style posts yet I thought I may as well have a crack at it. Having only had my blog for a short time I thought perhaps I would give some tips to those either in the same position or those who have literally just set up their very own blog page. I hope these help as they are all coming from my experience of blogging. 

  1. Write about anything you want: That’s right – try not to worry about what others will think. Someone, somewhere will take an interest as there are plenty of people to read it and each has their own views. Remember not everyone likes everything and not all people agree with what you think. If you want to write a post about how rain falls on a car windscreen at various speeds, do it. The only rule I hold for myself is not to offend anyone or to become aggressive in a post. Rants are acceptable so long as the tone is kept well. 
  2. Make friends: Blogging is all about connections and interactions. If you don’t read other peoples blogs or comment on any, chances are you won’t see much of a change to the status of your blog. Of course this depends too on the posts you write, as much traffic can come from impeccable timing to a particular topic – see my post on The Simpsons Tapped out: Valentines update. Gaining followers isn’t the `be all, end all` of blogging – but it does help you keep track of what posts do well and what topics or improvements you can change or concentrate on. 
  3. Be patient: Blogging doesn’t instantaneously show huge results, unless you perhaps pay lots for advertising your site. As like me, self advertising on other social networks you’re part of can do just as good. Get your friends on side and start interacting with other blogs to get yours noticed by other readers. People don’t stumble across a good blog unless it has been shown to be good. A simple tweet or status to announce a new post would soon show results – I currently have nearly 11,400 views from using this simple technique. 
  4. Tag your posts effectively: If you write a post about a topic people may want to read about, make sure it is searchable. If your post can’t be found on search engines, you’re going to be waiting a long time for people to visit – much like a cat waiting for a mouse to exit while it lays across the doorway. Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goes a long way once it’s been mastered. Get the hang of that and you will soon get a steady stream of visitors.
  5. Interact with your visitors: It takes a while to get a lot of interaction on your page but it can be helped along. Ask questions in your posts, post about questionable topics or debate hot ideas. Chances are, people will want to interact if they know they will receive an answer and not just be another comment on the page. 

There we have it – these five tips are probably what have helped me along so far and hopefully will help anyone else just starting out too. Keep an eye on your stats page as that will help you improve and adapt when needed, it comes in very handy for bloggers. Take part in Daily Challenges on the Daily PostMake sure your other social networking sites have links to your blog and maybe make a Facebook Page for those on there to like and follow your blog – I have recently set up mine so take a look for an example on a beginners page: Onlysi91 on Facebook. All of these little things can help and personally I have seen a difference. Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section – I will reply. 

Hope this helps those starting out. 

Ciao for now. 


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