Simpsons Tapped out: goodbye valentine?

It’s nearly that time again for another update to be released upon the players of the Simpsons Tapped out. That’s right, the time where no one quite knows exactly when or what will be released. Tomorrow is the 28th of February, the next significant event being Easter. A possibility? Who knows.

What can we expect then in truth? First off it’s probably another singular level being thrown on to the current 26, with the bonus levels thereafter still to remain. Unless of course EA decides to go out of the ordinary and release more levels this time – but, don’t get your hopes up as it hasn’t happened so far when everyone has asked or requested.

Building wise? What about a new shop of some sort? Maybe we will see some market stalls and perhaps a few new characters to accompany some random buildings. Decor? We already have the Easter bunny hedge, but hopefully we don’t get slammed with another balloon for Easter as my thanksgiving ones are still just floating around wherever they can fit! I don’t really want to pile my warehouse up either so all of the themed stuff is currently spread out trying to look inconspicuous.

Another random request for EA: how about lowering some of the prices for the premium items? What with being Less is More and all that. Lower them and people may be tempted to add them to their own Springfield’s – even if it is for a short time. No more random Gil offers which ask for still rather high quantities of donuts, please. What about trading hearts for a significant level of donuts too? Just to revive peoples interest if they have slipped a bit.

As everyone knows, EA doesn’t really give stuff away until it hits us – so none of the possible added content can be guessed, that’s for sure. No one knows the time we will lose the valentines stuff and probably all of our little hearts too – hopefully we don’t just simply `lose` them though. That would really annoy people. The heart grinder is cool but it’s just not worth it for people who obtain money easily anyway, we need donuts!

We haven’t got long to wait now though, so I’ve spent a bit of my heart pile to exchange for cash and left a nice amount just in case. If it gets too close with no hope for a donut exchange then spend them all!

Bye for now.


Exact ending of valentines update: TSTO tips


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