Evening! Another random work post but it has to be done. I’ve been rather busy this week even though it’s my week off! Can’t complain too much seeing as I don’t like to sit around doing nothing much.

So, what’s happened? Well, I’m rather tired but not – if that makes sense at all. It’s been a week of short sleeps, busy and packed days and constant time keeping tests. Work, chores, cw, revision and even moving my sister into a new flat! That was fun, but made me want to move out even more. Not so fun.

Anyway, a short post really for a few things – a slight release on the busy nature of my supposed week off and also to announce the breaking of the 10,000 views mark! So thanks really, it’s now at 10,300 or so which is cool too. Last night was a nice night with my mates and this topped it off even more! Sad, I know.

Bye for now people.


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