Daily news! Not so daily …

Everyone by now has realised the sort of things to be put on the news, plastered everywhere all the time. How many care for everything that’s put on the news? Also, why is there hardly ever any good news? I don’t think I’ve read the news lately and felt happy or uplifted, instead it’s made me want to cry with anger. What do I refer to then? Let’s take a softer approach to the headlines shall we? 

On yer bike!

That’s right, the very well known Lance Armstrong has been `disgraced` and has admitted to a trail of lies long enough to tie up everyone we truly hate. What’s the solution? Strip him of his glory and pass it down to the next in the podium. Much like giving an old, unused top to your younger siblings to help out financially, this won’t work will it? One; for years now his glory has been spaced out so much it’s hard to tell every die-hard fan of his the dreadful news without receiving a few death threats and a back hand slap to the facial region. Two; the next people down probably use drugs or enhancements too! Not a statement of fact there, just a guess. Three; After 7 titles it’s taken this long to find him out? How many worked with him to keep this a secret? Not so much for the `worst kept secret in Britain` advert on travelling, aye? 

Saddle up! Erm, on this part of the Horse. 

Yep, it has to be said doesn’t it? After so many years we have finally `found out` we have been eating Horse meat – wow. Now, no one is buying the named and shamed products and now everyone is an expert on food and Horse meat. I know it’s bad but jeez, do you think people were surprised when they found out how milk was obtained? A slight off topic comment but it’s all for fun. Did anyone else wonder why the Horse racing was becoming the three legged race instead for the past few years? Nope. 

Petrol prices are high! So are we. 

I know prices for fuel are more of a joke than one can describe, but it has been taken to the extreme – hasn’t it? I work for a company which has one of the lowest in certain areas and people still complain. I complain, but then again, my trusted Audi needs just £60 for two weeks. Not bad. It’s only generally the gas guzzling jeeps which suffer and cause their owners to complain – guess they should cut down on chasing Horses across fields. A joke. 

Anyway, let’s not seem like you’re reading the Sun all over again and end it there. 

Speak soon. 


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