Daily prompt: a plot of earth

So I’ve given a plot of land, have I? Well, the ‘plan’ would be as follows. First? Find out exactly how big this plot of land is and how I’ve come to obtain it for free. I’m kidding, of course. It’s a tough question when it’s thought upon, to be fair.

What would I do with it then? Build a house? A business? A farm? What would it be?. Let’s see the advantages of having a business for instance. Location would no doubt be a factor with this decision, I mean, a big office building in the very centre of a large field isn’t really ideal for customer relations now is it? Similarly, what business would it be? Being a law fanatic it would probably somehow end up as a place for a new law firm. The good thing about this idea is simple: I would be able to run my own law firm! Probably not my first choice with a plot of land however.

What’s next then? A farm? Sounds cool, but messy. I’m not one for animal care day in, day out at this level. A farm is hard to run if you’re not suited for it – a law guy, owning a farm just doesn’t sit right somehow. I guess that’s this idea out the window, which funnily enough I don’t have yet due to indecisiveness on what to build. I think then a farm would be another idea not suited for my randomly obtained plot of land. Next!

What about the obvious? A house may seem the normal choice for nearly everyone wouldn’t it? Certainly for me I’d love to have a nicely built house that I’ve designed, so long as there’s a space for cars to be stored away neatly. Then I’d definitely be set. So, a big house – or a smaller but luxurious house? I think I’d go somewhere in between with a reasonably sized house with just enough floor room to avoid the ‘bare room’ effect from occurring. How would it look or how would it be set out? I’ll try and explain it.

A nicely sized garden area with driveway and electric gates, leading up to the big exterior before cutting off to the garage area. The garage would be big enough for a few cars, with automatic doors and perfect lighting to capture every curve of the cars within. Greenery surrounds the building but doesn’t enclose it, instead it amplifies the simplicity of the building whilst suppressing its luxury slightly. The entrance remains subtle, yet stylish. A glass door with few accompanying windows around its edge. inside stands a hall, stairs flow up the centre and split off in opposite directions. Marble floor sprawls the hall beneath your feet, with a white and touched black decor and wooden hints up the stairs banisters. A few rooms, big kitchen and living room, alongside a couple of big bathrooms and a games room or study would be ideal for me. Two floors, perhaps an American style basement too. The house sits neatly, simplistic yet full, subtle but sweet and spacious but welcoming. The intention of my build would be to balance a home with a showcase, a place where people visit and feel comfortable. That would be my idea for this plot.

There we have it, my plan would be to design a house after careful planning and try to use the plot in such a way it satisfies every function, need and wish it can. All that’s left is the financial situation afterwards for the upkeep of such a thing! It’s a shame this daily prompt wasn’t “you’ve been given a plot of land and a huge sum of money“. It’s only a dream – at the moment.

Ciao for now.


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