A tale.

I’ve wanted to write something for a while now, a project if you will. I have been thinking about it a lot since last year – something to feel good about and actually have something which has taken time and much thought. However, getting started is the problem. Many may know this already. I have many ideas, but none are final. Too many ideas perhaps. A little part of the idea has been put into words below, it is only a tiny part of it so nothing huge. Or final for that matter. What ideas does it give you regarding the whole topic of the piece? If any, of course. 

Sometimes you feel exhausted, vulnerable and far from a tranquil existence you like to prefer. A pit you have stumbled upon swallows your very self, and it is there – in Rock Bottom, that life can change. This depends entirely within your decisions, whether it progresses or descends furthermore into the abyss. A place of darkness and minimal escapist capabilities, the place where the metaphorical rocks actually feel beneath your feet and your feel has abandoned you and scrambled, shattered into pieces – each piece pricks at you even so. Will is the key. 

There we have it, the very first piece of what seems as a huge puzzle. As I said, at the moment it’s just many pieces being placed together. This will probably take some time but until then, I shall try to keep you posted on it. 

Just for an answer so it’s not left as an open question for anyone wondering: the piece above surrounds an idea of full self realization and a troublesome backdrop which someone has to overcome, or allow it to take over them completely. It follows an idea of not so much of a seedy crime thriller, but more of a string of problems which appear to continue to follow on no matter how hard the person tries to prevent it. Done in an attempt to reflect what many may feel at some point in their lives, perhaps not as extreme in all cases but existent nonetheless. 

Like I said, it’s a little project which should hopefully come to light this year. Comments and ideas are welcome! 

Bye for now. 


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