Searching the web – has it become a ‘needle in a haystack’?

Many people have come to the stage whereby `Google it` has become the norm for an answer to an unknown topic. Literally everything can be found online with just a few clicks – or so it would seem. Indeed the internet has come a long way but is it now becoming too wide and expansive? 

The internet has been around for a while now, providing many with answers and information. Of course many other functions of the internet are utilized too. The main one? Well, it has to be communication – doesn’t it? Over time the internet has caused the world to shrink and become more enclosed. It has brought the world together in the sense of communication over long distances. 

Leaving that aside, my point of this post is to question the usability of the internet in today’s society, as opposed to around 10 years ago. Let’s start with, well, 10 years ago then. I remember my first days of using the internet for research and help, being so simple and easy to do this wasn’t a problem. Much help for various work was there for the taking – happy days. The internet back then seemed less ‘packed’ and search terms actually revealed relevant links in the first few pages of Google. What’s happened now then? 

To put it simply; it would appear that due to broken links, banned (but still active) sites, attempted scams and useless information it has become a clouded area. By this I simply mean the following: you try to locate a specific key in a jar full of keys, so you tip them out, causing them to go everywhere – thus making the job to find the key more difficult and time consuming, somewhat unnecessarily. Make sense? If you had kept these keys maintained and thrown the unneeded ones away, you would make the job of finding a necessary key far easier. Let’s apply. 

You search the simple term of say; “how can I change my headlight bulb” and it will take a while to find an actual answer which helps. Why is that then? Well, people have filled the internet with useless and unwanted crap and it hasn’t been regulated (somehow) to prevent the needed responses from being buried underneath it. I know this would be a difficult job to do, but these guys are smart right? 

Why am I saying this? I’ve noticed a significant difference in searching the web for information of which I have had to fight through surveys, pop ups and random rubbish to locate just what I need. When I first began to use the internet, this wasn’t the case – as much, to say the least. 

Therefore, my title stands as a question of usability rather than a statement of impracticality. Do you think the internet has become awash with too much? 

Ciao for now. 


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